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New page for Gyoko Shoujo!
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Can’t tell if I want to color this or not

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purplechujazzy replied to your post: “list of bad things of today: woke up late due to alarm not…”:

I had a bad day and was in a funk all day too? I’m still kinda in a funk

funky moods need to stop


@ funky moods

Dolce: Finally. Fall will be here soon.
Pico: “Yes! I can hardly wait for the leaves to turn lovely colors!”
>They’ll be beauti-“fall”.
Dolce: That was a terrible pun. You autumn say them.
Dolce: …
Dolce: …
Pico: “It was a brave attempt, milady. No need to be so embarrassed at yourself.”
Dolce: Be quiet.

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*offers you an internet hug or high five or cup of tea or anything, which you can use at your convenience in case you don’t want it now*

while the attempt is appreciated, it doesn’t really help tbh. it’s just some ridiculous mood that came out of nowhere, and i have no clue why it happened. it’ll pass eventually

- 1 day ago

i’m in some kind of negative mood and i have no idea what it is. like depressed but not depressed. it’s weird

- 1 day ago


i’m like an npc i won’t do anything unless you interact with me

- 1 day ago
- 1 day ago

izanagl replied to your post: “izanagl replied to your post: “¦â€¦ i want cookie dough now”: Run to…”:

hooray! Dreams do come true! bless