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Preview for next week’s RWBY episode.

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it would seem there is a high chance that in a number of days-weeks i will be without a home. i have two people i can ask before i have to either move to nowheresville 2.0 or live on the streets. the latter sounds more appealing to be honest

so many d words

>half of team is dead
>trying to get back to town to heal everyone
>run into a jirachi

you use Chesto berries to wake pokemon up. though thanks to katanagatari i’m forever going to know them as Cheerio berries

scienceofmerit replied to your post: “Lass: Have you seen my cute pokemon? Take a look! I don’t think…”:

What do you mean it’s not cute

water type moves fall almost without fail under the “cool” category in Contests, therefor it counts as a ‘cool’ pokemon as opposed to a ‘cute’ pokemon

Lass: Have you seen my cute pokemon? Take a look!

I don’t think that counts as a cute pokemon.